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What is Sunday Scoop?

Sunday Scoop (pun not intended) is a weekly newsletter curated for students where I share a few insights that I picked up throughout the week and the most valuable content that I consumed in the particular week.

What will be included in Sunday Scoop?

Sunday Scoop is carefully structured to provide you with the best reading experience possible. The structure is split into 3 parts:-

  1. A short article (approximately a minute’s read) where I write about a few life insights I’ve picked up in a particular week / a productivity method I’ve experimented within the week. Occasionally, if something impactful happens, I’ll write about a story-worthy moment or certain observation instead.

  2. Content (Youtube videos, podcast episodes, or quotes that I found valuable and want to share with you.

  3. A question for you to ponder on for the week. (Or if I’m feeling slightly cheeky, a challenge for you to follow through for the week)

How would this add value to my life?

I know you have A LOT of choices in what content you consume and there are a million other resources out there vying for your attention.

Hence I’ve made it a personal mission to make sure that with every newsletter that I send out (and every post on my personal website😉 #shameless_plug), I aim to provide value to you in at least one of two ways:-

  1. You find inspiration in my article and that inspires you to take action.

  2. I direct you to the most valuable content that I consume and hence save you the time of dredging through the plethora of content being put out there.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at hi@jia-shing.com!

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Sunday Scoop (pun not intended) is a newsletter curated for students where Jia Shing shares a few insights that he picked up and the most valuable content that he consumed in a particular week.


Jia Shing is an A-Level Student who shares his personal productivity methods and explores the life insights he has had the privilege to stumble upon.