Sunday Scoop #56 - A short issue to help you think about how you could best make use of your idle time.
Sunday Scoop #55 - We are back (on a trial basis)! Let's start with what Internet's Latest Phenomenon taught me and why Sunday Scoop is back.
Sunday Scoop #54 - A distillation of my research on how to plan the next chapter of my life and minimize regrets.
Sunday Scoop #53 - This week, we quickly examine some data collected from my personal experience re-learning Python from scratch - courtesy of WakaTime.
Sunday Scoop #52 - This opposes everything I believed in for the past 5 years. A hard lesson to learn a hard truth.
Sunday Scoop #51 - This week, I thought it’d be nice for me to write about a concept I shared with the Lab Members during Crash Course #2 on how to…
Sunday Scoop #50 - In this issue, we talk about the Curse of Knowledge and why being an amateur makes you a much better mentor than the expert.wha
Sunday Scoop #49 - I need your help for a live course that I'm running in the next 2 weeks or so. All proceeds are going towards the Bendera Putih…
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